OB/GYN Hospitalist Service

For your peace of mind, Women's Contemporary Care Associates (WCCA) has available an OB/GYN Hospitalist service at our affiliate, NYU Winthrop Hospital. This unique service ensures that a board certified obstetrician gynecologist is available 24/7 to provide general medical, obstetric and gynecologic care if you're in the hospital and your OB/GYN doctor is not available.

The chief of the OB/GYN hospital service, Joseph Cioffi, M.D., provides care to in-house obstetric and gynecologic inpatients at all levels, performs inpatient consultations and evaluates emergency room patients.He, along with Allen Frank, M.D., also:

  • Perform gynecologic surgery in emergency situations and to those patients who do not have an assigned physician.
  • Manage the continuum of care in the hospital often seeing patients in various clinical settings, following them into critical care units while organizing treatment and post care assessments.

With the Hospitalist, expectant mothers delivering at the hospital's New Life Center and other OB/GYN patients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a qualified and well-rested obstetrician gynecologist is immediately available to provide care and to respond to unexpected emergency situations. The Hospitalist can respond to these situations as well as provide back-up coverage for physicians and community physicians.